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LIVE 7-Week Email Experts
Certification Program

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Small-Minds Or Whiners.

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The fact is this:

When it comes to making money on the Internet, email is king.

If you want any level of success online and the insane power you get with it, you’ve got to do email.

When you do email, you’ll always have a high-income. Your network and influence will grow every year. You’ll seduce women typing only a few sentences. If you don’t do email, get ready to be left out of the conversation, because you will fall behind.

I didn’t make the rules. That’s just how it is.

So if you’re ready to get:

Then this is for you.

If this doesn’t sound like you, then you can stop reading here. I really only want driven guys who are going to help our clients and friends transform their businesses.

Here’s What The Email Experts Certification Program™ Will Do For You!

You Get A 7-Week Online Certification Program & LIVE Workshop Event.

$42,000.00 Value

This Is the ONLY Program Where You Can Walk in Brand-New and Walk Out A Rockstar With Your High-Income Skill As A Email Expert™

Every week for 7 weeks, Jason Capital will get on a LIVE call with you. On these calls Jason Capital will mentor you himself and show you his secrets to writing emails that make millions. With Jason on the call with you live, he will answer ALL of your questions so you can add an extra 6-figures to your income in the next 12 months.

This is NOT some B.S. online training program with a bunch of ebooks and some videos.

This is a LIVE apprenticeship program.

Here’s What You Get During The
7-Week Program:


How To Dominate In Life and Influence
People With My Email Experts Mindset

Most people write emails all the wrong way. They’re slimy, pushy or just annoying. This is the week that you’ll learn the secrets to writing emails that people love reading and make your client tons of money.


The Science Of Mind-Reading The Reader That Turns Cold Prospects Into Raving Customers

Want to hear a secret? I know what my readers are thinking. I know what they’re feeling, I know their hopes, their dreams, their desires, even the fantasies they have but would never share. This allows us to help them so much more. Imagine never wondering what to say to your prospect ever again because you know exactly what he needs to hear. I’ve boiled this down to a system, and in this week I’m going to lay it all out for you.


The Psychology of Email Sales and
Making Millions With Email

Did you think writing emails was about words? It’s not. It’s about PSYCHOLOGY. The biggest direct-response marketing company on the planet paid $50,000 for this training. You’re getting it at a fraction of what they paid and you’ll be succssfully using it the minute we’re done.


The Email Experts Methodology To
Write Daily Emails Like A GOD Especially
If You Suck At Writing

The biggest unfair advantage I have over the 10,000+ others who send daily emails is that like sugar, my emails are ADDICTIVE. You read one, and then another and then another and before you know it, you’re reading (and taking action) every single day. You’ll never have to worry about “writer’s block” or making your emails interesting with my Email Experts Methodology taught during this week.


My Deadliest Scripts To Make Your
Readers Buy Everything Without

You will not find these scripts anywhere on the planet. They are my tried-and-tested templates that have allowed me to sell more than 31 MILLION DOLLARS worth of products in the last 5 years. With these scripts, you will never have to wonder what to write or if your emails are good.


The Email Experts BOOTCAMP Week: The
Practice Week Where We Write Emails
Together Then Put Them to The Test

Welcome to Bootcamp Week. In this week you’ll be writing emails with me and then together, we’re going to send them out to thousands of real-life prospects and watch the sales pour in. You will have the confidence and real-world experience under your belt as an Email Expert after this week of intense training.


The Moment Of Truth - This Is When You
Man Up And Start Closing Your First
Few High-Paying Clients As A Certified
Email Expert™

By this week, you’ll be ready to work with REAL life clients who will give you REAL money to be their Email Expert™. In this week, if you do well, you will EASILY cover your investment into the Email Experts Certification Program. In fact, you will likely make your investment back AND THEN SOME. The best performers in this week will get direct introductions and referrals to several of my peers and friends.

Yes, I’m Ready To Be An Email Expert!

You’re Getting A Solid $42,000.00
Dollars Worth of Value - For a Tiny
Fraction Of The Investment

The fact is people pay $3,000 an hour for my time.

Within the Email Expert program, you get 14 hours of my direct mentorship through a 7 week period. This means you’re getting $42,000.00 worth of coaching at a fraction of the investment.

In the program, you and I will get to know each other quite well. If you do well in the program, you will get a chance to join my Email Experts Team™ . On the team, you will be doing email for big names most people would never get to work with if they were on their own.

You Get Ready-To-Go Clients
Who Have Contracts and
Checks Waiting To Be
Handed Over To You

Nearly every single week I get requests from friends, entrepreneurs and authors who ask me, “Jason, do you have anyone I can hire to write emails for me?” If you do well in the program, all leads that I get will come to YOU. You can expect to work with some of the world’s LEADING experts and influencers. You may even be able to write emails for your favorite celebrity now or in the future.

The Fastest Path to
The First-Class
Freedom Life

When you’re an Email Expert™, you can write emails from anywhere in the world. All your need is a laptop or tablet. That’s it. No boss, just freedom and fun. And that’s all it takes for you to make more money than most doctors or lawyers.

Who This Program Is For

  • Serious guys who want the fastest path to making 6-figures without a boss
  • Coachable - You can have ZERO experience with email and suck at writing. That’s not a problem. All you need to do is be coachable. I will lead you to become an Email Expert.
  • You want First-Class Freedom

Who This Program Is For

  • If you whine or complain
  • If you don’t take action
  • If you still don’t believe in investing in yourself yet
  • If you’re not fully committed to taking the necessary steps I provide to become an email expert.

Total Email Experts™ 7-Week Certification
Program Value: $42,000

For Fast Action-Takers - For The
Guys Who Want It And Take Action
NOW, You’ll Also Get:


Get Instant Access To Jason Capital’s
“Look Over My Shoulder” Email

This is a $1,995 worth of value and I have never shared it with anyone, ever. You’ll be first. The reason I want to give you this program is because this is as close as you can get to watching me write my own emails live and in-person. In these videos, you’ll watch over my shoulder as I write email after email from scratch. You’ll see how I turn a blank page into a Bentley, time and time again. I want you to see my flow, how I think, and how I write such addictive and profitable emails every single day, often in 20 minutes or less, and that's why I want to include this bonus.


One-On-One Email Critiques With The
6-Figure Email Prince Ryan Magin

I spent a few hours with Ryan years ago teaching him email, and he’s been making 6-figures from his laptop ever since. He'll help you hone your skills and put what you learn into practice. As I show you the scripts and templates, maybe you’ll have questions. And how you’ll write for different clients and keep the emails fun and engaging. He's gonna spend some one-on-one time with you and help you do that to ensure you master it all.


Plug-And-Play, Totally Done For You
Email Promotion Files And Swipes

Maybe the first few times you write for your clients, you wanna take the proven route. No problem. I’m giving you my best promotional emails and the permission to copy and paste them for your own clients. You don’t have to risk it, and your client makes more money from an email than ever before.

Bonus #4:

Your 2nd-Opinion Consultation Coupon

When you get your first client as an Email Expert and are writing your first email for them, send it in and I will personally review it first - the good, the bad, the ugly, and most crucial, exactly what you need to do to make it crush. Call my HQ and ask for this consultation today. They'll quote you at $750 for every 10 minutes I spend reviewing your emails. But with this bonus, you're going to get me consulting and reviewing your emails FREE.

Total Bonuses Value: $9,745.00

In Total That's Over $51,000+ For The Email Experts™ Certification Program
...But You Aren't Going To Pay That Much…

Exclusive One-Time-Only Ultra Special
Offer For Webinar Attendees

I know that the Email Experts Certification Program™ is worth every single penny of the $51,000+ Value…

But because I’m passionate about helping you get the money, the freedom and the women you want by becoming an Email Expert, I’ve decided to make the decision even easier for you.

Choose ONE of The Following Payment Options Below Now.

3 x Monthly Payments

Here’s What You Get:

The Email Income Experts Certification Program

($42,000.00 VALUE)

Look Over My Shoulder Email Program

($1,995.00 VALUE)

1-on-1 Email Critiques with Ryan Magin

($750.00 VALUE)

Done For You Email Promo and Swipe Files

($5,000.00 VALUE)

Total Value = $51,000.00+

3 x Easy Payments Of


1 Single Payment

Here’s What You Get:

The Email Income Experts Certification Program

($42,000.00 VALUE)

Look Over My Shoulder Email Program

($1,995.00 VALUE)

1-on-1 Email Critiques with Ryan Magin

($750.00 VALUE)

Done For You Email Promo and Swipe Files

($5,000.00 VALUE)

Total Value = $51,000.00+

1 Single Payment Of


Here’s What Leading Experts And
Entrepreneurs Have To Say About
Jason Capitals Emails And Email
Experts Certification™

  • “Jason Capital is the KING of at least two things: Helping men succeed with women and life, and EMAIL. Take this course, study it with a magnifying lens and hopefully, you’ll be writing emails for me soon.”

    Bedros Keuilian Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 15
    Franchise, $90 Million Net Worth
  • “I send over 10 billion emails a year. I know EVERYTHING about email. Jason Capital is world class.”

    Joel Marion Founder, Biotrust Nutrition
    ($350 Million Company)
  • “Forbes may have called me one of the top young entrepreneurs in the world but you better believe I study Jason Capital’s emails too. In fact, I require all my “copy cubs” to read Jason’s emails everyday too.”

    Justin Goff Millionaire Copywriter
  • “Jason Capital is a rockstar. He’s changed the way I look at Emails and Email Marketing.”

    Sharran Shrivatsaa CEO Teles Properties (3 Billion Dollars
    Per Year In Revenue)
  • “I've heard people say they'd pay Jason Capital 50K to learn his email methodology. If he's charging less than that, you're getting this for a bargain. You should do this. Unless you hate success, money, capitalism, or yourself.”

    John Romaniello New York Times Best-Selling
    Author, Angel Investor
  • "Listen, if you want to make money in style, traveling around the world, living the life of your dreams, conjuring up cash from your keyboard, then get this program now. Jason Capital is one of the top email writers on the planet. Study everything he creates. Period."

    Craig Ballantyne Author, The Perfect Day Formula

This Program Will Give You The Ability To Live The First-Class Freedom Life As A Certified Email Expert™!

So, if you want to:

Then this certification program is for you.

So now you have two choices.

You can look at all this and do nothing. In other words, you’re allowing your opportunity to work with myself and all my ready-to-go clients to move away from you.

Or you can join the rest of the action-takers who have already jumped on this inside the Program.

Spots are filling up by the minute.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away from you.

The time to act is now.

To taking control of your destiny,

Jason Capital
America’s #1 Dating & Success Coach